Ultramarathon de Sai Kung

西  貢  超  馬

Ultramarathon de Sai Kung

36KM / 58 KM

13 FEB 2022

Ultramarathon de Sai Kung, is a trail running event on eastern side of Hong Kong, the backyard of Hong Kong. With 75% of the course on trails and covering two country parks - Ma On Shan and Sai Kung Country Parks, the race course covers some of the most beautiful scenery in Hong Kong, including unspoilt beaches, remote villages, nature trails, reservoirs, undulating and steep hills.  There are two races in the event, Ultra  Marathon (UM) 58km (3,100m+ elevation), and the shorter race of  Mountain Marathon (MM) 36km (1,900m+ elevation).

「西貢超馬」是在一個在香港東部進行的越野比賽。 賽道75%為越野路段位,在馬鞍山和西貢郊野公園兩個郊野公園內穿越,沿途經過多個景色綉麗的地區,包括水清沙幼的海灘,偏遠村莊,自然遠足徑,水塘,連綿起伏及陡峭的山巒。 「西貢超馬」有兩個距離的比賽,超馬(UM)158公里(累計上落 3,100m )和較短的山地馬拉松(MM)36公里(累計上落 1,900m )。